Seine Netting

seine_nettingThere are a number of vessels in the Scottish fleet which use Scottish seine netting as their main fishing method. This is seen as one of the forms of demersal fishing with lowest impact due to the short distances the net travels, the lightness of the gear when compared to a traditional trawl and the fact than seine nets can only be used on clean (sandy) ground. While they have their place, they are not universally suitable for demersal fishing.

Seine netting depends upon the long lengths of rope used, herding fish into the path of the net as the gear is hauled. The ropes and nets are set out from an anchored dhan (buoy). The gear is set roughly in the shape of an isosceles triangle with the dhan, which marks the end of rope first shot and to which the vessel returns to complete the set, as the apex and the net at the centre of the base. Having picked up the dhan the vessel then starts to steam slowly ahead, while heaving in both ropes, gradually advancing winch speed as the gear closes to keep the net moving forward at a steadily increasing rate.