About Us


The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation was formed in 1973 to preserve and promote the collective interests of constituent fishermen’s associations. A very active representative and lobbying role is pursued at national and international levels in the management and government centres of Edinburgh, London and Brussels on behalf of the Scottish fish-catching sector. The Federation also engages, cooperates and innovates fully on matters of fisheries science, marine environment management, inshore fisheries management, marine safety regulations, and industry training and recruitment programmes.

In short, the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation is in the business of supporting all the components of sustainable harvesting of the wonderful products of the waters around Scotland and beyond, for now and into the future.

The membership of the Federation comprises representation across the whole spectrum of the Scottish fishing fleet, from the smallest under-10m creel boat to the largest most modern pelagic vessel. With a membership of over 500 vessels the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation constituent associations account for over 90% of the total Scottish quota and over 65% of the UK total.

See our website www.sff.co.uk for more details.