Pioneers of sustainable fishing

Welcome to Fishing for the Truth, a website dedicated to providing factual information on Scottish fisheries and the important role they play in supplying sustainably caught Scottish seafood that is renowned around the world for its quality.

Scottish fishermen have become increasingly concerned about the amount of misinformation that is currently being peddled in the public domain about our fisheries. Fishing for the Truth is a factual resource designed to inform about the true state of our stocks and the various sustainability measures that have been adopted by the Scottish fleet in recent years.

Did you know, for example, that in 2014 Scottish fishermen closed an incredible 24,000 square miles of sea to protect spots of cod abundance!

As you will see by browsing through our pages, Scottish fisheries are amongst the most sustainable in the world with the majority of assessed stocks undergoing recovery. Scottish fishermen have pioneered a whole range of conservation measures in recent years to conserve stocks and the results are for all to see. Our underlying message is to eat more Scottish seafood, it is, after all, the best in the world!


home_1 Why fishing is vital in helping to feed a growing global population and the important role it plays in maintaining the UK’s food security, as well as its significant economic contribution to many fragile coastal communities.
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home_2 The majority of our fisheries in the north-east Atlantic are undergoing sustained recovery with fishing pressure at its lowest levels in decades. This significant drop in fishing pressure is down in large part to the sustainable measures adopted by our fishermen.
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home_4 Scottish fishermen are the pioneers in sustainable fishing and are involved in a whole range of exciting projects to ensure that there will be plenty of fish in the sea for generations to come. The future of fishing depends upon sustainability – and fishermen know this more than anybody else.
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